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Publisher:  American Lawyer Media
Frequency:  Bi-Monthly (6 issues)
Publisher's Price:  $80/year

A bimonthly publication for the intellectual property community, IP Worldwide™ provides attorneys and general counsel with comprehensive analysis of intellectual property law and its interaction with business throughout the world. The publication’s goal: to ensure that this vital, booming practice area is given the in-depth coverage it deserves and the international perspective it demands. IP Worldwide examines emerging trends in patent, trademark, copyright and other branches of intellectual property law and explores issues in computer and multimedia law, biotechnology law, entertainment law, international compliance and other important areas facing the profession – all from a global perspective. It addresses the questions raised by the advance of technology and the increasingly transnational reach of businesses. IP Worldwide is required reading for anyone who needs to keep pace with the globalization of this rapidly changing field.
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IP Worldwide
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