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HireCheck for Windows
Protect yourself with HireCheck.  Reduce your risk of a bad hire by finding out what you need to know about your candidates - right from the privacy and convenience of your own computer screen!  HireCheck reveals whether your potential employees are hiding anything about their past work history - and whether or not they pose a danger to customers and coworkers. With over 25 years of experience, this background check firm assures you accurate service and the fastest turnaround time in the industry. Check every applicants background now - before its too late!  Includes criminal checks, credit history, past employment and address verifications, Workers Compensation history, plus much more sent right to your computer.  Free unlimited telephone training support!



"Hire the Best" assessments in powerful software.  Our professional screening tools have helped over 10,000 companies, ranging from small entrepreneurial firms to Fortune 500 giants, strengthen their hiring success. Now this wealth of testing expertise is available through the convenience of your keyboard! Our new HR Assessments Software line offers you automatic scoring, as well as the ability to perform instant searches by your candidates name, ID number, assessment title - even the score itself.



SkillCheck Software
Put Your Applicants Microsoft and Clerical Skills To The Test - And Save Up to 35%.  Test applicants on the most popular Microsoft software like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more - all in one money-saving package. The simulation of these programs is virtually perfect, which means that your applicants will answer test questions by performing the tasks exactly as if they were working on the software. There's also a comprehensive business package to help you evaluate office skills like typing, filing, and grammar.



TapDance Skills Testing Software
Test their typing and computer skills right on your PC.  Find out how proficient your applicants truly are at typing and operating computer programs in a "real office" setting. TapDance automatically administers and scores tests for typing and popular programs like WordPerfect, MSWord, Lotus 1-2-3 and Excel.


Instant OSHA Plus
Instant OSHA Plus provides hassle-free training for the employee and administrator. All lessons on one CD. Save time and money with this interactive computer based training system. One computer becomes a powerful training station. Each lesson is state specific to include regulations on recordkeeping, reporting and administrative functions. Choose the best topics from a list of 13 subjects for your organization:  Bloodborne Pathogens, Body Mechanics, Confined Spaces, Electrical Safety, Drug-Free Workplace, Fire Safety, Hazard Communications, Hearing Conservation, Heat and Cold Stress, Lock and Tag, Personal Protective Equipment, Slips, Trips and Falls.



OSHALOG and TRAINLOG for Windows
End OSHA paperwork nightmares.  OSHALOG references lists of Accident Factors. Records any workplace incident. Generates OSHA Certified Forms 200 and 101.  TRAINLOG classifies training and Personel Protection Equipment (PPE) requirements by job title. Tracks employee training, physicals & drug tests. And links Hazard Assessments directly to PPE requirements. Even prints training memos and Certificates of Completion for your employees!



OSHA/Safety Training Management Software
Manage OSHA/Safety training right from your screen.  The easy-to-use format relieves you of time-consuming OSHA/Safety training tasks, from initial scheduling and course descriptions to completed training certificates!  Features include: Effortless class scheduling, conflict checking, and wait-listing; assigns courses and requirements by job title, saving time and ensuring accuracy; includes pre-loaded OSHA/EPA/DOT course descriptions; tracks training costs by employee, course, and instructor.



Affirmative Action Plans (AAP) Narrative Templates, v1.02
Get a huge head start on your affirmative action plans.  If your business is required by law to write an Affirmative Action Plan (AAP), this “fill-in-the-blank” software template makes a painstaking job much easier! Heres what makes the AAP Narrative Templates better than other products: (1) These templates do not create “canned, off-the-shelf” plans, (which may be challenged by the OFCCP as non-compliant). Instead, you are assured content-rich templates that are fully customizable to meet the needs of your exact business; (2) They are packed with suggestions and examples to help you every step of the way in drafting your plan.



COBRA Administration Manager
COBRA Administration Manager handles all your COBRA chores automatically -including scheduling, invoicing, billing, and administration - right on your PC! A quick mouse click reveals employee files, payment history, essential COBRA dates and mailing deadlines. The built-in word processor creates personalized COBRA notification letters and other correspondence. Make COBRA compliance easy and hassle-free!  Saves hours and is easy to learn.  Built-in database automatically tracks employee COBRA status"Things to do" list notifies you of approaching COBRA deadlines/missing information.



FMLA Pro Software
FMLA PRO saves hours of frustration by guiding you through every step: from developing a legally-valid FMLA policy to determining eligibility and tracking leave requests!  Any federal or state FMLA Regulation is at your fingertips to help you understand the law more clearly.  FMLA Pro practically writes your entire policy for you by walking you through the essentials.  Quickly determine eligibility by capturing hire dates and other work scheduling information!  Track time in hours, days or weeks. Leave modifications are easy - and speedy reports allow you to see all current requests at a glance!  Print FMLA forms right from your screen, including Employee Notices, Medical Certification, English/Spanish Translation Forms and more!



EZ Tracker v4.1
EZ Tracker automates the training tracking management function, tracks required and expiring training information, provides training gaps analysis and includes comprehensive reports and graphs. Assigns training and easily identifies re-certification schedules and updates the curriculum automatically. EZ Tracker also provides reporting and auditing guidelines to meet ISO9000, QS9000, FDA and OSHA. EZ Tracker is the perfect answer for any organization that may have training records audited!



Cafeteria Plan Manager
Cafeteria Plan Manager assists with the recordkeeping of enrollment, account balances and reports that are required with a Cafeteria Plan. Program documents include: Plan Document, Summary Plan Descriptions, Enrollment Form, Account Statements and Terminations. Calculations will automatically update with any changes.



Descriptions Now! and Policies Now! Software
Job descriptions and policies in minutes.  Buy Both Programs And Save $39.00! Establish a strong defense against employee disputes with legally correct job descriptions and policy manuals. Now, these time-consuming tasks take only moments. The pre-written format and on-line legal advice make it easy to protect your company - without the tedious research!  Descriptions Now includes over 90% of all U.S. job descriptions!  Policies Now covers 80 policy topics and over 200 HR issues!  Descriptions Now! System Requirements: PC compatible 486 or higher, DOS 6.0 or higher, Windows 3.1 or higher. 8MB RAM. Windows compatible graphics card and monitor. Mouse. 8MB hard drive space. Floppy disk drive.  Policies Now! System Requirements: PC compatible 386 or higher, DOS 6.0 or higher, Windows 3.1 or higher. 8MB RAM. Windows compatible graphics card and monitor. Mouse. 8MB hard drive space. Floppy disk drive.  Bundle Pack includes Windows version of Descriptions Now! and Policies Now!.



Friendly Forms Builder Software v2.0
Now the best of G. Neil's legal and human resource forms expertise lets you easily customize any of our top 25 selling forms--all with just a few keystrokes!  Each of our 25 preformatted employment forms has been reviewed by experts - yet can be edited easily to suit your specific industry or company requirements.  Change the content of any form with just a few keystrokes.  Add your professional personalization to forms in seconds.  Print in color or black and white, depending on your printer.



MSDS Digital File Cabinet
Store and Retrieve any MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) document error-free in less than five minutes.  Move out those bulky binders and cabinets! This powerful MSDS storage center scans, archives, searches, prints, updates, and faxes MSDS forms and all related documents in a fraction of the time!  Supports 3 hazard classification standards - NFPA, HMIS, and WHMIS (Canadian).  Scans and stores all support documents associated with a chemical shipping manifests, receipts, batch records).





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