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  Wills, Trusts, Estates, and Probate Legal Software (15 items)
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ProBATE Estate Plan Plus
Estate planning is a very complex subject. The key is to have a software program that is extensive enough for you and yet, generate information that your client can read, relate to and most of all, utilize. If that's what you are looking for, then Estate Plan Plus is for you.  Estate Plan Plus presents an in-depth look at proper estate planning. No longer will you have to rely on multiple computer programs to perform various estate planning calculations.

Estate Plan Plus offers GRAT, GRUT, and GRIT/QPRT calculations, charitable lead and remainder trusts; family limited partnerships; up to ten plan comparisons, and much more.  No other estate planning program gives you the ablity to perform such comprehensive and sophisticated calculations and planning techniques. By taking advantage of the Window95 interface, we have developed a powerful estate planning program that is the most comprehensive of its kind.

Estate Plan Plus also includes our Visual Estate Plus program. Use this program as a planning and presentation tool to help clients "visualize" the positive effects of estate planning.



ProBATE Plus v4.0
Fiduciary accounting. It even sounds difficult . . . unless, of course, you own ProBATE Plus! ProBATE Plus is a fiduciary accounting program for estates and trusts that will turn the accounting portion of your practice into a profit center.  ProBATE Plus lets you enter data once and it automatically reports that information on all necessary schedules. This eliminates hours of duplicated work, therefore maximizing your time. It keeps track of all the details: assets, liabilities, receipts, inventory, disbursements, distributions, and much more.

ProBATE Plus also offers a securities valuation link to quickly import security information to your proper reports. Reports - which can be modified - are then quickly and easily generated saving hours of preparation time.  Further, you can export specific data to both 706 Plus and 1041 Plus programs saving you valuable time.



Cowles Trust Plus Comprehensive Estate Planning System
(Formerly, Cowles 2000 Comprehensive Estate Planning System)

This system has been developed, refined, and proven successful over the past fourteen years, and has been the foundation of practices consistently grossing $30,000-$40,000+ monthly OR generating full time income levels with 2-3 work days per week!

Every facet of the estate planning practice has been analyzed and streamlined for the greatest benefit to clients and efficiency and profitability for the attorney. Utilize these techniques and tools to enjoy a very profitable practice with appreciative, satisfied clients while maintaining balance in your life!!



Cowles TrusTerminator System
For terminating the revocable living trust.  The system provides step-by-step guidance to minimize the risk that a detail could be forgotten and allows for a simple click of the mouse to obtain correspondence, informational handouts, documents such as disclaimers, trustee resignation, creditor correspondence, valuation correspondence (including a database of third parties such as bankers, appraisers and brokers, etc.), and more.

Imagine completing the initial phone call with the successor trustee and, in less than five minutes, being ready to mail a detailed letter of condolence confirming the appointment that was scheduled, providing information on what to bring to the appointment and enclosing an easy-to-understand handout for the benefit of family members. Prior to the initial appointment, your TrusTerminator system will generate all authorization forms, the SS-4 to expedite obtaining a tax ID number, and a customized worksheet providing the exact information needed at the initial appointment allowing you to enter the appointment with clear direction. Immediately following the initial appointment, the system will generate a detailed letter summarizing the appointment and outlining steps to be taken by the law office and by the trustee. Every aspect of the trust termination is proceduralized in this way allowing you to concentrate on serving the client, from initial phone call through final accounting and distribution of assets.

TrusTerminator provides total systemization for the entire trust termination process. Help families in a time of need and develop this area of practice which is so highly in demand.


ZANE/Fiduciary Accounting System (FAS)
Comprehensive, yet easy to use. FAS integrates probate court accounting, inventory, a fiduciary calendar, 706, 1041, management reports, on-line securities valuation, periodic trustee/executor statements, cash and securities reconciliation, and more.

Basis information is tracked for both accounting and tax. For accounting purposes, the system uses average cost while using FIFO and specific lot identification for income taxes. Trusts allow the original tax basis and date acquired to be input for tax purposes. When the settlement and trade dates differ, the system allows entry of both. It allows for non-taxable exchanges which roll over the individual tax lots with their tax basis and acquisition dates intact. The system even handles options (calls and puts) short sales, rights, spin offs, transfers between income and principal, and many other situations.

























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