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Changing the Face of Consumer Class Action Settlements.  ClassActionAmerica.comsm is the fast way to get instant help finding out if your cleints qualify for money from a class action. As a member, you can empower yourself to find out if any of the products and services your clients use entitle them to money, or have been recalled for safety reasons - thanks to our free weekly e-mail newsletters.  Billions of dollars from class action settlements historically have been unclaimed by consumers, investors, small businesses and the public. Last year alone, hundreds of millions reverted back to companies found to be in the wrong by the court system.

At ClassActionAmerica.comsm, we are committed to making sure that you have the information you need and the access you deserve to find out if your clients are eligible to claim their share of billions of dollars distributed yearly through thousands of class action lawsuits. Plus, we make it easy for you to seek justice by joining a class action or claiming a settlement - online, when your clients are eligible! We even keep you up-to-the minute on new class actions, legal maneuverings and product recalls.

ClassActionAmerica.comsm is a service of USJurissm, the next generation law firm. ClassActionAmerica.comsm is supported by some of America's most trusted and respected attorneys. Over the past 30 years, our team has been responsible for bringing justice and distributing millions of dollars to thousands of clients from class action settlements. Through the ClassActionAmerica.comsm service, you have this wealth of experience working directly for you.



Nationwide Legal Services
Having convenient and affordable access to the resources you need means you can spend less time worrying about problems and more time enjoying the important things in life. Affordable legal services are as important to your personal and family protection as are insurance and healthcare plans. With legal services averaging over $175 per hour, most people are financially and emotionally unprepared to hire an attorney when legal needs arise. LegalCHOICE gives you convenient access to qualified attorneys for a fraction of the cost you would pay if you hired an attorney on your own.

LegalCHOICE is administered by LegalPlans USA, LLC, a company majority-owned by attorneys with extensive experience in practicing law and maintaining successful attorney/client relationships. Their first hand experience working with clients and understanding the difficulties people face when dealing with legal issues inspired them to found Legal Plans USA.

Attorneys on our panel must complete a comprehensive questionnaire and provider agreement and verify professional liability insurance, education and professional background. The performance of attorneys selected for LegalCHOICE is monitored through a variety of periodic reviews and quality-assurance controls.

Legal services are provided in accordance with the ethics rules of each state and our attorneys are subject to the authority of the state Supreme Court or Bar Association in the jurisdiction where they practice law.

Lawyers-make your marketing partner.  Generate clients through Join the Affiliate Network.



Voice of the Small Law Firm
Research online faster with the Small Law Network.  VoiceSLF offers legal professionals up to 100% faster file downloads, saving time during online researching of cases, getting stock quotes, and shopping, thus helping to increase work productivity!

Join other attorneys and legal professionals who are participating in our Internet Research Community. By joining, these attorneys have received a free internet accelerator that allows them to research faster on the web. 
Through our Internet accelerator, we provide faster Internet surfing, including on-line legal research. Our Internet accelerator:

  • Improves Internet speed by up to 100%.
  • Installs in seconds
  • Will not take up room on your hard drive
  • Will not impact your other programs
  • Will not change the way you access the Internet


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